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At the sludge pumping station, dry or submersible centrifugal wastewater pumps are designed for pumping liquids with high sludge content. For sludge thickening and dewatering reliable polymer dosing is required. Grundfos supplies PLC-controlled, fully automatic systems to handle preparation and the reliable dosing of organic coagulants or poly ...

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Centrifugal pumps are good for low viscosity sludge with very little solids. This type of pump will generate far less pulsation than the positive displacement pumps that make up the remainder of this list. Centrifugal pumps do have a high shear rate, unfortunately. As you probably know, imparting shear on sludge is counterproductive.

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Handle Harsh Conditions with Sand, Sludge, & Slurry Pumps. BJM Pumps' submersible pumps are engineered specifically for the tough applications you deal with in mining/coal mining, hydraulic fracking, mineral processing, steel production, drilling mud, slurry transport, sand and gravel, lime slurry …

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A slurry pump is usually a centrifugal, lobe, peristaltic or submersible pump. Usually manufactured from thick and durable iron, they effectively handle harsh liquids without damaging or wearing down pump components. All Pumps has a wide range of slurry pumps available.

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Sludge Pumping & Treatment. High organic solids content in treatment plant processes. As wastewater treatment plants become larger and more sophisticated, so do the demands for handling large amounts of sludge, which is an expensive and complex operation. Pumps have got to handle high solids concentrations and are expected to provide continuous ...

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EDDY Pump Corporation is a state-of-the-art dredge pump engineering and slurry pump manufacturing company. We are committed to providing the best technology and service to our clients. We are one of the few companies who manufactures both our pumps and dredging equipment to …

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Slurry vacuum pump is an ideal equipment to transfer the sludge with high solids content and high gravity. When transfer the waste sludge piled up in a large pit, operators are always feel headache due to less fluidity, in the meanwhile, the pit is too large for any excavator to take out the sludge far away from the pit edge.

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The AFI Pump is a high-pressure chopper pump which can be mounted on a tractor or connected to a direct power source. Vanadium and manganese alloy chopper blades chop the slurry prior to pumping, allowing for fuel efficient, block free operation.

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The Best Non-Clog and High Solids Slurry Pump on the Market. Since 1984. Best Applications: If you are pumping slurry, high solids, extremely viscous material, paste, high abrasives (sand & gravel) and material filled with solids, then you found the ideal pump for your job. Call Us. Industries Most Served: Mining, Fly Ash, Coal Ash Pumping, Oil and Fracking, Waste Water, Paper/Pulp, Chemical ...

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You can use your existing pump or sump pump to remove the bulk of the water and then a wet/dry vacuum to remove the sludge and remaining water from the bottom. A water garden is a functioning ecosystem that requires some oversight from us as pondkeepers.

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Sludge Pumps. Previously Purchased. These sludge pumps are used to transfer a mixture of fluid, usually water and pulverized solids. They are attached to a tank to drain the sludge that is noncorrosive and nonexplosive. Pumps are suitable for use in sewage treatment and industrial applications.

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Many types of pumps are used for pumping slurries, but the most common slurry pump is the centrifugal pump (pictured above). The centrifugal slurry pump uses the centrifugal force generated by a rotating impeller to impact kinetic energy to the slurry, similar to how a water-like liquid would move through a standard centrifugal pump.

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SEEPEX pumps, macerators and control systems play an important role in sewage sludge dewatering processes. SEEPEX Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) has proven itself in numerous applications in the environmental industry. This intelligent, patented technology significantly improves whole life costs due ease of replacing parts and clearing blockages, as well as being able to restore pump ...

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The Allegro Sludge Pump is excellent for pumping standing water containing sand,solids,leaves,or debris,,This Allegro pump can pump at a maximum of 50 gallons per minuteFeatures double inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces and the most durable seal design available; a 403 stainless steel sleeveThe motor is continuously filled with air,and is copper wound with class B ...

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Because sludge behaves much the same as thick and viscous fluids, a powerful pump is mandatory. When it comes to sludge, experts divide it into two distinct categories, settling, and non-settling. For settling sludge, coarse particles form, leading to an unstable mixture.

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The submersible sludge pumps JS and XJS series are excellent for pumping dirty water and water mixed with solids in mines, quarries, tunneling and on construction sites. The slim design makes the pumps easy to handle in every situation. To make sure your pumps always are in a great shape, just upgrade them with the smart AquaTronic.

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The slurry valve is hydraulically controlled by an actuator lever on the front pump frame. Once mixing is complete, the slurry valve is closed and the pump pushes the waste sludge forward for discharge. The GATOR Sludge Pump is a must have for dairy, feedlot, hog farm manure pit operations.

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Wastewater treatment - Wastewater treatment - Sludge treatment and disposal: The residue that accumulates in sewage treatment plants is called sludge (or biosolids). Sewage sludge is the solid, semisolid, or slurry residual material that is produced as a by-product of wastewater treatment processes. This residue is commonly classified as primary and secondary sludge.

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Pumps are used during virtually every step in the treatment process and serve many purposes—including inlet raw wastewater pumping, grit removal, chemical feed and sludge transfer. The Challenge To say that the wastewater treatment process is unforgiving and abrasive on pumping equipment would be an understatement.

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What is a sludge pump? A pump used to process and move waste fluids with high solids content. They are very similar to slurry pumps, mud pumps, and other types of waste water pumps.Sludge pumps require a high-powered mechanism to move fluids that are often very heavy and sometimes viscous and full of volatile or corrosive content.

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A sludge pump moves and processes waste fluids with a high solids content. Coates Hire Sludge Pumps are high powered for moving heavy sludge or slurry that can contain corrosive and abrasive materials. Our 240V and 415V electric submersible sludge pumps range from 50mm – 100mm for strong pumping action.

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Activate your pump in dirty water that contains sludge and sewage. This switch has no moving parts for a longer life than float switches. Use it to replace an existing switch, or pair it with a plug-in activated pump to control when the pump activates.

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A pump is a device that moves fluids (liquids or gases), or sometimes slurries, by mechanical action, typically converted from electrical energy into Hydraulic energy.Pumps can be classified into three major groups according to the method they use to move the fluid: direct lift, displacement, and gravity pumps. Pumps operate by some mechanism (typically reciprocating or rotary), and consume ...

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Piston and clamshell sludge pumps are used in prospecting for field deposits. Pneumatic sludge pumps are used in ridding boreholes of sand plugs. A special type of sludge pump is the so-called bailing pump, which is used in pumping oil and brine; this type is not used in the USSR.

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Centrifugal pumps of special design can be used for pumping primary sludge in large plants (greater than 2 million gallons per day). Since the capacity of a centrifugal pump varies with the head, which is usually specified great enough so that the pumps may assist in dewatering the tanks, the pumps have considerable excess capacity under normal ...

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The new sludge pump is designed to remove sludge from water-borne sewerage using high pressure water only.It has no moving parts.

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Piston and clamshell sludge pumps are used in prospecting for field deposits. Pneumatic sludge pumps are used in ridding boreholes of sand plugs. A special type of sludge pump is the so-called bailing pump, which is used in pumping oil and brine; this type is not used in the USSR.

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Return Activated Sludge Pump. An activated sludge process refers to a multi-chamber reactor unit that makes use of highly concentrated microorganisms to degrade organics and remove nutrients from wastewater to produce a high-quality effluent. To maintain aerobic conditions and to keep the activated sludge suspended, a continuous and well-timed ...